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  • Seats
  • Gas pipes
  • Frames
  • Headrests
  • Gas burners
  • Anti intrusion bars
  • Venturi tubes

  • Steering-wheel columns
  • Air-cooling systems

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  • Stabilizer bars
  • Boilers
  • Fuel pipes
  • Heaters

  • Dashboard tubes
  • Domestic heating pipes




Tubes are supplied according to the following materials:
• cold and hot rolled low carbon structural steel flat products for cold forming;
• cold and hot rolled steel flat products with high yield strength for cold forming;
• cold and hot rolled low carbon steel flat products for cold forming continuously hot-dip aluminium-silicon (AS) and zinc (Z) coated steel strip, according to the following standards.
Please see Quality-Material site section for standards.


Tubes are normally supplied with a standard length of 6.000 mm, but they can also be produced directly by tube mills in other lengths, from a minimum of 3.000 mm to a maximum of 8.000 mm. Cut to measure tubes are produced, in fixed lengths starting from a minimum of 50 mm.

Internal seam

Tube internal seam could be supplied as normal, reduced or fin-cut.


Tubes with a shape different from the round have normally the following characteristics:
• welding line is positioned on the short side (A);
• for tubes with rectangular and semi-oval shapes the minimum edges ray is equal to 2*B.

Different shape tubes are illustrated in the pictures below. Any other peculiar shape can be produced after a feasibility analysis.

Round Tube
Rectangular Tube
Squared Tube
Oval Tube
Elliptical Tube
Semi-oval Tube