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Mechanical Tests and Laboratory Analysis


Mechanical Tests are carried out in OMV Laboratory according to UNI EN 10002:2004 “Metallic materials - Tensile testing - Part 1: Method of test at ambient temperature” standard with a Galdabini 20 tons traction machine. These kind of tests are necessary to define the mechanical properties of the steel strips i.e. the Strenght (Rm), the Yeld Stress (Rs) or the Proportional Yeld Stress (Rp02)and the Elongation (A%).
Test results are used to produce Quality Certificates (UNI EN 10204:2005 “Metallic products - Types of inspection documents”) or to evaluate the conformity of both tubes and steel strips purchased.


Welding line and materials are tested during the production process according to the following:

• widening tests according to UNI EN 8493:2005 “Metallic materials - Tube - Drift- expanding test”;
• cone widening tests;
• flattening tests according to UNI EN 8492:2005 “Metallic materials - Tube - Flattening test”.

Tests certificates

OMV could issue Test Certificates according to UNI EN 10204 prescriptions:
• 2.2 type is a declaration of order conformity, with information related to non specific inspections: the certificate shows average chemical and mechanical characteristics;
• 3.1 type is a declaration of order conformity, with information related to specific inspections on products delivered: the certificate shows chemical characteristics of the steel strip cast used and the mechanical characteristics obtained by tube testing for each cast number delivered.