Quality is in the DNA of our human resources

We pay great attention to our resources. It is they who make the difference.
40 years
Human Resources
Average age of employees
2019 December
Last hiring date
25 Years
Seniority of the most historic employee

In constant growth

The demand for technical and technological evolution has led us to search for the right mix between experience and new skills.

In the last few years we have gone from 40 employees to 60 with a constant and formalised programme of recruiting young people to create new quality skills.

The placement of new employees at OMV starts from the Quality Department, from our laboratory, and our factory.


Quality is the gateway to our company.


Training takes place within the Quality Department and lasts from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the role and function of the employee.

During this period the employee will come into contact with different subjects and carry out operational activities, such as laboratory tests, test evaluation, analysis and selection of any non-compliant products, verification of production reports, etc., as well as training on internal procedures and specific topics.



Every employee takes scheduled re-training. Functional meetings are also fixed monthly with all employees to verify company trends, problems and develop a culture of improvement.


Quality starts with our behaviour.


OMV operates in compliance with labour standards and the dignity of the employee, with an internal system for the anonymous reporting of any abuse, illegal practices, or unethical behaviour.


Safety is a fundamental aspect of our social vision of the company.

Efforts to comply with regulations and provide proper staff training are part of the management's mission.

These aspects are widely reflected in our ordinary investments and in our existing investment plan in which approximately 1.5 million Euros, i.e. 20% of the total, has been dedicated to improving and updating the company in this direction.


Great attention is paid to the work environment and respect for the outside world. Regular checks on emission levels are carried out periodically on a voluntary basis – in addition to those required by law – in order to guarantee the quality of work spaces and minimise the impact of our activities on the environment around us.